2015 Canadian Enneagram Conference

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with Answers

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Where will the Conference be located on the St. Michael's campus (i.e. what building).

The conference takes place in Carr Hall. Please see our map.

I am attending on Saturday with a one-day pass. Where do I go to register or is that necessary?

There will be a registration table just inside the front door of Carr Hall

Is there parking near the conference?

There is some parking at St. Mike's. See here (scroll to the bottom) for more information. Other on-campus parking lots are listed here. We recommend taking public transit.

Q: Is it possible to register for one or two days of the conference?

Yes, you can register for one or two days, using our one-day passes. See the registration page for pricing details.

Q: How far is the conference venue from the Toronto International Airport?

A: The conference venue, the University of Toronto, is in downtown Toronto. Travel time from the airport depends on traffic and time of day. There are several options ranging from taxis to transit to express train. This page provides a comprehensive set of options.

Is there a shuttle service provided to the conference delegates? I

Q: Do you offer a senior's discount for registration?

A: No, we do not. Traditionally, the majority of guests at Enneagram North events are seniors. Enneagram North is a not-for-profit organization: we have made the registration fees as low as possible, while breaking even on the conference expenses. Note that presenters are paying a discounted fee and cover their own transportation and accommodations. Our conference rates are approximately half of other national and international Enneagram conferences.

Q: I'd like to volunteer at your conference. What do I need to do?

A: Please see the volunteer sign up form. If you are registering for the conference, there is a check box to on the registration form indicating your interest in volunteering.

Q: I'd like to present at your conference. What do I need to do?

A: Please see our call for presentations and call for contributions for more information. They also contain links to the application forms you'll need to fill out.

Q: A 90 minute presentation is a too much work for me to put together, is there another way I can share my research or ideas?

A: Yes! Your topic may be well suited for a lightning talk (5 minute presentation) or a birds of a feather session (a facilitated group discussion on an Enneagram related topic). Please see the call for contributions.

Q: I have lots to share! Can I present both a presentation and a lightning talk?

A: Yes. You may submit as many applications as you like in as many categories as you wish. However, selected presenters/contributors will be limited to presenting one presentation/contribution in each category (workshops and panels are considered the same category). It is possible that one applicant may be selected to present: one presentation (either a workshop or a panel), one lightning talk, one Birds of a Feather session and one performance.

Q: Can you give a little more guidance on the conference theme?

A: Sure. The conference theme is "The Enneagram for Leadership, Liberation and Life." We feel that this theme is open to many interpretations. Leadership may include issues of leadership, authority and personal mastery. Liberation may include themes of transcending our habitual patterns and other behaviours that may keep us "stuck" in our type. We hope the experience of the conference will leave attendees with practical, real-life applications that are applicable in their everyday lives. These suggestions are examples only - please feel free to pursue your own creative interpretation of the theme.