2015 Canadian Enneagram Conference

St. Michael's College

This year's conference will take place at St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto.

St Michael's is located in the heart of Toronto just steps from Bloor Street shopping, theatres, sports facilities, the Royal Ontario Museum and Queen's Park.

St. Mike's Carr Hall is located at:

100 St. Joseph Street
Toronto ON
M5S 1J4


We are planning to use the Father Madden Hall for our plenary sessions. This photo is of the front of the hall.
This view represents the back of the hall. The screen is portable and will be moved to the front of the room.
Most of the sessions will take place in the classrooms on the fourth floor of the building. All classrooms are along the same hallway. In this hallway and throughout the campus are many pieces of contemporary Canadian art that you may wish to enjoy though our slow looking activity.

A typical classroom.

Classrooms are equipped with a screen and computer projector (hanging from the ceiling). Speakers hang over the chalkboard. A console near the front of the room provides connection to a VGA input, an HDMI input, and a standard jack for sound.

View from the front of the classroom. There are about 70 desks crammed into this room. Our volunteers will move/remove the chairs and arrange them for according to each speaker's requirements.
Side wall of the classroom. There is room on the side and back walls to tape up sheets of flip chart paper, etc.